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SEO 越来越被重视,这也得益于搜索引擎的发展,于是乎,各类 SEO 第三方服务逐渐浮出水面。SiteClimb 是一款自动化 SEO 服务,用户只需要支付月费 39.95 美元,即可获得专业化的 SEO 优化服务:

– SiteClimb keeps your key word/phrase secrets by only showing the optimized page to bonified search engines and not just anyone trying to reverse engineer your keyword content

– SiteClimb works 24/7…day after day…week after week…month after month so you can focus on the rest of your business

– SiteClimb uses your web pages/content and gives the search engines exactly what they want to see which helps your search engine results position

– SiteClimb offers a simple technique to get image-only type web sites to index in top search engines. If your web site is made up of images where the text is part of the image, search engines are blind to you…not anymore with SiteClimb!
– SiteClimb verifies and confirms the authenticity of a spider that comes looking for data…if it’s not a ‘real’ spider then SiteClimb doesn’t feed it

SiteClimb 保证,所有的优化行为均为”合法”性质,将不会违反任何搜索引擎的规则。

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